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Mya Lane Co-founder and Managing Director.

In 2021, C'est Madeleine was born from a calling for wellness and natural healing. With a background in healthcare and knowledge of Ayurvedic medicine, we set out to create a brand that embodies powerful and effective solutions for skin and overall health.

The story of C’est Madeleine starts in Brittany, France, with my grandmother, Madeleine. Our values and ethos stem from a loving grand mother who passed down her values from her life being outdoors on a farm, growing and eating only organic grown foods and utilising wild flowers. Her knowledge about natural remedies was embraced first hand in her day to day life seeing the true benefits of natures effects on the body. 

Life took a turn when I moved from the countryside of France to the city of London. With a different way of life and environment, it noticeably affected my health, skin and wellbeing. The stress and pace of work life led to a flare up eczema and other health conditions. Aggravated by poor water quality and the absence of fresh, nutrient-rich produce, the impact this had on my skin and health really showed me how easy it can be to forget to look after your body the way nature intended.

Something needed to change, it was during a trip to visit family in Morocco, where my brother introduced me to a renowned herbalist, well respected in the industry who has been helping people in the area and worldwide for many, many years. This changed the course of our lives with solutions that lead me to restoring my health and energy to a point where I felt better than I had ever felt before. With his support and working with our now team of herbalists and nutritionists, the local remedies and ingredients in the supplement combinations recommended derive from all natural sources and used in the way our bodies were designed in harmony with what grows around us, intended for our consumption. 

To achieve long-lasting and fast results, I had to start from within through detoxification and internal cleansing. By embracing these natural practices, I experienced a remarkable renewal of my health and skin clarity. This led to us developing a range of supplements that worked for everyone, to help our bodies naturally recover from the stresses life puts our skin and bodies like fatigue and stress related symptoms and to ensure our immune system has what it needs to act in self defence.

Motivated by my personal transformation and also seeing results in these natural practices, my husband and co-founder, Andreas, with his extensive background in product design, development, and manufacturing, provided us with the knowledge to bring these same products to market in a ready-to-go solution. This way, others who have suffered like me can experience the benefits of natural medicine and naturally inspired technologies.

Central to our natural approach to health and wellbeing we also developed Lumière, our own developed light therapy mask to work alongside natural supplements to help those who suffer from problem skin caused by the same root cause of stress, lifestyle and environment. Utilising seven wavelengths of light which correspond to the body's chakras, resonating with its composition primarily being made up of water, as earth created. This alignment with nature allows us to effectively address various skin concerns by leveraging the healing properties inherent in each color of light.

At C'est Madeleine, we are committed to promoting holistic wellness through products that harness the power of nature's colors. By understanding how the body responds to these wavelengths, we empower you to achieve radiant skin and overall well-being naturally.

Our products are designed with you in mind.